Trigger – Weds 26th Aug 2015

By | August 26, 2015

D’s memory seems very complex to me.  On the one hand, she only has to hear a song being played once for her to memorise the tune and (her interception of the) lyrics, on the other, unless she has a visual prompt, it’s very hard for her to remember what happened a few hours ago.  

The song/lyric aspect is really amazing, the song will have been on a music channel the day before or even longer and suddenly D will burst into whistling or humming the tune and singing the lyrics.   It can range from a (really quite) random to a popular song, the common denominator being that it would have recently been on Vintage TV – even if the rest of us couldn’t remember watching it.

There was a trigger of a different kind today, one that reminded her of her hefty trike fall last September, unfortunately.   It was an episode of Friends, the one in which George Clooney guest stars as a doctor.   


She got extremely upset that it reminded her of her trike accident and was then worried for the character (Rachel) who was injured.   Poor D.
I’m glad that she told me straight away, rather than bottling it all up (which is an issue during school).  

It makes me wonder whether, if she sees someone falling over in the playground and getting upset, it then reminds her of her trike fall and those emotions are gone over and over in her head, until she sees me and there’s an unhappy bolt, as her emotions bubble over.

There isn’t an answer, but as ever, I’m extremely grateful that she is verbal.   The “guess the trigger” game would be extremely difficult were she not.

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