Tender – Tues 25th Aug 2015

By | August 25, 2015

I knew it, our poor D.   She’s been very pale, fragile and tender today.  She told me that she feels “strange” but can’t expand on this so far.

The complete and utter negligent conduct of the pharmacy we trusted to look after her repeat injection prescriptions is manifesting itself in all those symptoms that her injection is meant to prevent.   What a way to end the last week or so of her holidays.

As per yesterday, she’s been cuddly and needing me.  Which I don’t mind, obviously, that’s what I’m here for, but it makes me SO mad that this could all have been prevented, especially after they mucked up last month too.   Perhaps because she’s SN, it’s not a priority for them.   I need to add in that obviously there are very poorly people around and their needs must come first, but when you put your trust in someone to do a repeat prescription, it’s meant to happen.   And the least they can do is either tell the parent it hadn’t happened so they (parent) then can sort it, or at least answer the blooming phone when they (parent) try to phone to check! 

Anyway.   Thank goodness it’s the holidays or she’d be missing school, she might still miss the first few days, I’ve got no idea how long she’ll be like this.   

T, our T, is a funny little thing.   He’s had a major growth spurt this holiday, but refusing to wear anything next size up because it was too big last summer.   He’s been affected by his football team disbanding, hopefully the try-out training sessions later on in the week will boost his morale and get that little smile back on his face.

We’ll see, for them both. 


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