Sleep Tickle – Fri 28th Aug 2015

By | August 28, 2015

We have a new little occurrence here in the Bluecrisps household, that of the Sleep Tickle.

What’s a Sleep Tickle?

Well, it has taken D until virtually the end of the school holidays to accept a little bit of a lie in, in the morning.  Sound familiar or just us?

Whereas T will happily snore well past his usual wake-up time and beyond, D has kept to her routine.  And I’ve either had some spooky sixth sense and woken up just as her smiling face appears around the doorway, or been woken up with a jolt as she bounces beside me.

Today, it was that usual early time but unusually she was happy to read whilst having a cuddle and I had a doze.  Apparently I was tickling her whilst dozing, kind of I guess like one of the cats when they’re dreaming and their paws start twitching.   Who knew that I sleep tickle? Certainly not me.

D remembering that got us through a very busy trip to town, via the hospital to pick up her melatonin.   It was packed, absolutely rammed with festival goers and families.   Why had we picked today? Well, the weather had put me off earlier in the week, that and the start of my Teatox which meant I didn’t want to be far from home (shall we say).

There was squeaks and squeals of discomfort.   There was downright reluctance to go anywhere where it was likely to be busy (most places) and there was relief and a visibly more relaxed D when we got home.

And in wonderfully typical “live in the moment” D-style, there were no “worst bits” at teatime for D (or T), instead “sleep tickles” became one of the funniest.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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