Over The Ledge – Mon 3rd Aug 2015

By | August 3, 2015

Well, we got out today, over the “ledge”, through the gate and out…. yippee!

But, like before, it’s been at a cost.  D was totally overwhelmed by the volume of people and the noise, not to mention the bikes and scooters whizzing past what should be a pedestrianised area.

It culminated in tears again and, what with T asking how long we’d be, how long we’d spend in each shop and when we’d be back, it all felt a bit “aaaaargh!”.

Part of me thought today “okay, yes, let’s not go out, not even once a week, because they’re finding it all a bit much.  It’s their holiday and they should be relaxing”, but then there’s the other part of me that thinks “oh blimey, I need to get out beyond that gate, I need a decent coffee, I would just like to go and get a magazine (and then only just manage to read it before the next week’s issue)”.

There isn’t an answer.  

Well, there sort of is.  D and I are having a girlie trip on Sunday and I know she’ll be happier because it will be more relaxed as we wouldn’t have T reminding us that we’ve spent too long in a shop, she’ll also be able to hang onto my arm as it’ll just be us two. That’s what she needs, that 1:1 focus.

The “ledge” in the title was the little area where our garden meets the pavement.  It’s funny, because T will quite happily whiz around the back garden or the front, it’s just getting him over that “ledge” as it were.

It reminded me of a couple of years ago when D wouldn’t go into her classroom by herself.  There was a gold-coloured carpet strip and she couldn’t physically go over it by, some days she had to be carried under the arms, horrible to see and hear.  I don’t think it helped that she couldn’t see in the classroom from the doorway, it was all around a corner.  

Fortunately she is (or seems to be) well over that phase, unless she’s in a similar classroom in September.

Another day tomorrow, a more settled one I’m sure.


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