Hummmmmm – Sat 1st Aug 2015

By | August 1, 2015

Gosh! August already, I hope this month doesn’t whizz by too quickly.  

Hums were the order of the day today, for some reason.  Normally D sings along to herself, or whistles (which usually irritates T and he’ll say so very emphatically) but today it was humming, for both of them.

It started off with the music that accompanies the Alton Towers advert (In The Hall Of The Mountain King) and they were really quite tuneful together, it was nice to see and hear.

The hum-fest continued as they helped with the shopping (yes, helped, normally they completely ignore any requests for help) and they made it into a march, up and down the hall with bags, saluting each other as they went past each other!  A complete contrast to “help” offered begrudgingly (if at all) with both purposefully brushing into each other and then subsequently overloading from sensory issues.

T even joined in the giggles when he’d put a load of tins etc in the freezer for me, because they’d been with the items intended for the freezer.  It could have resulted in a stomp, but it didn’t.  

Tomorrow may not be so harmonious as I attempt to negotiate some trips out with T for the forthcoming week, he very much prefers staying within the garden boundaries, it can be physically and emotionally tricky to get him beyond the gate.

But that’s for tomorrow, today has been really quite okay and that’s been very nice.


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