Hey ho – Mon 31st Aug 2015

By | August 31, 2015

You can’t beat the typical Bank Holiday weather, can you?

The last day of August, travel backed up in all directions as the festival traffic makes its weary way home and rain, lots of it.

It made me realise that it hasn’t really been warm enough to inflate the pool at all this summer holiday, maybe there’ll be a bit of a late one and T and D will be able to jump in and cool off after school sometime.  I think this must be the first summer that we haven’t had the pool out once.

A total contrast to last year where I could barely get them out of the water for meals and T got reprimanded for not wearing a jumper to school on his first day because it was that warm.

But, it’s not been all that bad, having a day at home, the four of us.  The Bank Holiday meaning no football matches to go to and no work calls.

D – whether she’s feeling apprenshive about returning to school or whether it’s the non-injection effects coming through – is still decidedly fragile.  She’ll say she “feels strange” but not articulate further, it will make for a clock-watching day on Wednesday that’s for sure!  T returns on Thursday and any school talk is met with an “okay” in that “I just don’t want to know about all that now” tone, he’s perfecting that one very well.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring brighter skies and a non-strange feeling D.


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