Cosy – Mon 24th Aug 2015

By | August 24, 2015

You’d be forgiven for thinking D was way beyond her years today, about 70 or so!

It’s been one of those days that I remember from my school holidays, with the constant and heavy rain, a day when you’re just glad to be indoors but wishing that the sun would reappear because it is August after all!
The weather has effected D today, she’s chosen clothes more suited to late autumn, asked for one of my big scarves to wrap around her and then this afternoon, had a blanket on her knees too.  She just needed some balls of wool next to her and the fast forward to an octogenarian would have been complete (no offence to any octogenarians reading this).

There’s been a couple of developments with regard to T’s football today (his team has unfortunately disbanded), one is to go along to a training session with a team that a lot of his school friends go to and the other is to stay within the current club, join a lower team and then move within the club if an opportunity arises.  

I can see both positives and negatives for the first option – on the one hand he will know some other team members, but on the other, he does tend to compartmentalise school friends and football friends into exactly that.   He has no interest in seeing his school friends outside school, similarly football.  I’m not sure if the two “compartments” would merge satisfactorily.   There is also the issue that he’s understandably demoralised after recent events and it might be challenging for him to explain why he’s there, together with the fact it’s at a different venue, with a change of coaching staff.  We’ll see.

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