Tra La La! Thurs 16th July 2015

By | July 16, 2015

It’s definitely been a day of two halves here, especially for D.

She was full of angst and anxiety this morning over her class trip to see an Orchestra performing, she was worried it would be “too loud and too busy”, comparing I guess to the pantomime we went to see – which she absolutely loved once she was in there, but did find it overwhelming in the entrances and corridors.

So, after a morose and anxious squeak-filled walk to school, D wouldn’t go up to class without me and fortunately her teacher understood and was very empathetic but also positive with D.

She had a better day than I did! I will go into detail in another post but it has been extremely stressful, full of misinterpretations (not by me), unnecessary journeys (by me) and a frustration that so-called professionals aren’t.

Anyway, in total contrast to this morning, D came downstairs at the end of the school day not only smiling, but singing!  She had been overjoyed to not only see her flute teacher there, but to also see her play the flute as part of the orchestra.  Fantastic eh? She has such wonderful opportunities with her school and angst aside, she does generally tend to enjoy it.

It was lovely to walk along to the spot where we wait for T with such a positive D, music always lifts my mood too.  I’m so glad it does hers.

All change again tonight as all that energy used up in being anxious has caught up with D, she didn’t want to tell Hubbie about her day (or, more realistically, answer prompts) and she was really quite angry that T has his last day of school tomorrow, whilst D finishes next Wednesday.

At least it’s Friday tomorrow, but I’ll be balancing the emotions of a joyful T with a resentful D after school, I know I’m not the only parent this effects but …. it would be SO much smoother if schools synchronises their term dates!


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