Time with T – Tues 21st July 2015

By | July 22, 2015

(I’m not sure why this refused to publish yesterday – it was an achievement type of day for us both!)
I’ve given myself an imaginary pat on the back today (you can too if you want to!), because I’ve managed to get T out, beyond his comfort zone in the school holidays (the house and garden) and off on a bit of a journey.

I had an appointment (for me) in Windsor today and it involved a bus journey, two trains (with a change at a station) and then a walk to somewhere we hadn’t been before.  

As long as T had a verbal timetable, he was okay but did get a tad frustrated at the volume of people around and that we couldn’t just click our heels and be home immediately.

The station we had to change trains at was Slough and, boy, did those non-stopping fast trains whizz through! It made T jump out of his skin a few times and it was another reason to travel before D finished school for the summer, as she would not have coped with that sudden *whoosh* and the noise as the train sped through, not at all.

We did a bit of a touristy thing after my appointment and caught the end of the “Changing Of The Guard” , something I would love to have watched from the start, but T was adamant we weren’t!

For the couple of minutes we watched, he wasn’t happy with the sheer volume of people around, nor the noise.

And then, as a bargaining tool for him choosing a rather trendy cap, I got a few minutes browsing in Phase Eight, whilst he sat on a bench outside (he hates clothes shops). You would think I had been hours – ummm no – because he has been almost fixated about expressing his displeasure ever since!

It gave us a chance though to get that 1:1 time before D breaks up tomorrow, to giggle at those quirky little things that we both find funny, to sit together on the bus and train without him thinking I’m totally embarrassing – yes, I’m prepared for that!  

Apart from me going “off timetable” in Phase Eight of course!

D didn’t have a great start to her day, our school walk was full of angry squeals and her squeezing my hand so tightly I thought my rings would leave an imprint on other fingers. All change at the end of the day, with a smiling D coming downstairs with some work that had been on display on the wall and thanking her teacher on a last lesson on a Tuesday for teaching her “nice” lessons this year. Totally unprompted, which was absolutely lovely to see and hear.  

Hopefully her last day in Primary will go well, she can’t remember if she’s been shown or told where her classroom from September will be, so a note will go in the diary. One less thing for her to (potentially) worry about in the days before the new term anyway.

I hope everyone’s had a good day 😀

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coombemill on 26th July 2015 at 5:44 pm.

Well done on your journey, it sounds like quite a mission with train changes too, I’d have loved to have seen the changing of the guard, I didn’t realise it was in Windsor as well as London. D must be the same age as the triplets, the whole change of school thing is very exciting for them.


Jeannette on 22nd November 2015 at 10:52 am.

It’s great to see, lots of music and ceremony 🙂


Jane - Our Little Escapades on 4th August 2015 at 7:39 pm.

Sounds like you had a great day with T. I never knew they did a changing of the guard at Windsor, perhaps we need to venture out of Legoland ;0) x


Jeannette on 22nd November 2015 at 10:51 am.

Definitely do, it’s wonderful to see x


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