This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful – Sat 25th July 2015 #R2BC

By | July 25, 2015

Ho hum, I have been cursing my little blog today and for a few days before.  I’m not a technical person at the best of times and felt pleased that last year I moved over to self-hosting and got it looking how I wanted (ish), no longer having the constrains of the previous hosts.

But, this week, it’s all been going a bit wrong.  I had an evening when I couldn’t schedule or publish posts, my linky went a bit haywire and the disqus facility (comments) has now disappeared – even though my admin on WP says it’s fine and dandy.  It’s not.  

I don’t know but what I do know is that a positive approach is more beneficial for wellbeing and so, it’s onwards with happy thoughts for this week (and hoping I can get this to post and that I get a bit closer to sorting out whatever plugin is affecting my blog tomorrow):

1.  School’s Out For Summer!

Oh yay! No school runs for six weeks and a chance for T in particular to wind down and relax after a busy year 7.  He doesn’t like to go out beyond the garden during school holidays and I’ve been negotiating a trip to town next week with him.  There will have to be an exact list of where we’re going and in what order for him, with repercussions of an angry kind if I divert, but hopefully we’ll get there.

2.  Results

I had a series of blood tests last week as I haven’t been feeling brilliant, with some signs that my hair and nails are suffering.  The tests have all come back “within normal range” so at least there’s nothing “mega” wrong.  I have a telephone call booked with my doctor as taking T and D to the surgery just would not work, so I’m hoping she’ll have some suggestions.  

Being realistic, the two months or so when I was recovering from my smiley surgery and my food intake went right down is probably starting to manifest itself now with a “blimey J, that was a bit drastic” so… maybe a supplement is needed? But I have been reading that too much of a particular nutrient (eg iron or zinc) can be just as harmful as not enough so I want to chat it through first.  Isn’t Google wonderful, both from a “aaah, that could be it” and a “oh blimey, take notice of that one!” viewpoint.

In the meantime, the task is not to worry and that’s where my renewed clickety-clack of the needles is coming in useful.


3.  No More Primary

D will be moving into the secondary part of her SN school in September, probably along the corridor along the other side.  The assemblies, lunchtime and playgrounds all remain the same naturally.

I am so relieved that we don’t have the transition to a mainstream school for her secondary education because it just wouldn’t work for her.  It has done for T very successfully but my children are very individual as to where they are on the vast autistic spectrum (although their traits can be similar at times) and they need to be viewed as the unique children they are.

I used to childmind a girl of D’s age after school and during the holidays and we saw her last week.  She has so much change coming up and she’ll cope, she’ll relish the new challenges but my D wouldn’t be able to and we are so grateful she’s comfortable and settled.

This was an end of term D, an end of primary D with a treat, she was so happy, so relaxed and after she’d finished her ice-cream we walked home arm-in-arm – just lovely.

   Have a lovely Sunday (even if it’s scheduled to rain ….again) Jx 

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xOjox on 28th July 2015 at 1:11 pm.

I hope you manage to get them beyond the garden! My tween has actually ventured out, to the local park, TWICE (with friends). I am planning a couple of trips out too, but overall, I’m just enjoying lazing about and being a crap parent haha x


Jeannette on 22nd November 2015 at 10:54 am.

*high five* to that one xx


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