This week’s Happy Thoughts and #R2BC

By | July 3, 2015

Oh we are so pleased it’s Friday, it’s been a long week, especially with the extremely humid weather (it’s terribly British to mention the weather, isn’t it?).

But, happy thoughts are going to take precedence, because life could be a whole lot worse.  

So, what’s been making me smile (or go “eeeeeek!”) this week?

1.  It’s been Proms Week at D’s school.  This is an event which lasts all week and involves all the pupils – whether it be singing or playing instruments.

D has found the week quite challenging as it’s involved a major change to routine as her class have watched virtually all the performances and she’s been very apprehensive about the singing performances – unusual as she loves to sing at home.

She’s played the xylophone, she’s sung (reluctantly) and today she played the flute:

Apologies for the extremely cropped picture but I had to ensure that no other children were in the picture.

It was absolutely brilliant to see her reading music (SN style) and doing gentle little flute notes.  I think we may have an idea for Christmas now …

2.  I was having a browse in John Lewis during the week (the best shop to browse in!) and found some wonderful ex-display flowers.

They stand about six feet tall and I did wonder how they would go down on the bus ride home – fortunately they came apart and travelled home in much more inconspicious bags.

They look fab in our hallway and, needless to say, our flower-loving D adores them too.  They really made her smile after a particularly angst-filled day earlier this week.

3.  I’ve only managed the gym twice this week, but they’ve been sweat-inducing sessions.  I’ve met my steps target every day though.  

4.  A bit of common sense too.  T’s school are extremely strict about uniform and that jumpers and ties should be worn at all times.  However, this week this happened:

Hurrah! T finishes his year 7 in two weeks and his school tie is on holiday early.  A relief as it has been a tad warm (Yep, Brits and the weather again!)

5.  Whilst in town, a lovely Benefits cosmetics lady gave me a little makeover, using techniques that I don’t use (such as upper lid eyeliner and bronzer):

I loved it and have been endeavouring to get the straight upper lid line ever since, sometimes successfully!

I’ve been well set in my makeup ways for absolutely yonks so to have a fresh idea was really nice.  Old pre-smiley J would have mumbled “no thanks” and scurried away, smiley J (tis me) loved it!

It’s been a busy one and  we are a week closer to the summer holidays, which is good news for two tired Tweens.

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