Tears and Fears – Tues 28th July 2015

By | July 28, 2015

Well, we got outside, out beyond the garden fence but it’s been at a cost.

It took a lot of negotiating with T, I’ve made the word “lot” bold but if I could have made it a huuuge text as well, it wouldn’t come close to the questions with regard to timescale, where we were going and how long we’d spend in each place were banded around.  We would be walking there and back and T – with his need to know exact details – even wanted to know when we’d be back, to within a few moments.

It all made for feeling as if I was walking on a tightrope between the two of them, T started saying “I’m not comfortable being out, I want to go home” literally as soon as we got past our gate, which made D very nervy too.

Because T was so uncomfortable being out, we didn’t deviate at all, we went from 1 to 2 to 3 and then 4 fairly quickly, without the slower pace that D would have appreciated.  Resulting in her breaking down in tears in destination “4” aka Costa.  It was also extremely busy in there, so what could have been a relaxing pitshop (they are both very familar with Costa and are normally visibly calmer, once we find a quiet spot) was definitely not. Poor D, poor T.

It was a relief to get home and because it had been so fraught, we were even back way before the estimate on timing I’d given T!  A (kind of) little win.

Unsurprisingly D hasn’t wanted to talk about her day, she’s resorted to squeaking but we make it out and that was something.

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