Proms – My Word Of The Week #WOTW

By | July 2, 2015

It could easily have been “humid”, boy hasn’t it been a bit warm? I’ve felt sorry for the cats and guinea pigs covered in fur, they’ve had a “blimey it’s sweltering” look about them.

This week has been overtaken by a week-long annual event at D’s school, Proms Week.


That has to be our one word for the week.

It’s always a privilege to go along and watch the students perform, some in class groups, some in musical groups and solo performances.

It would be very easy to forget that every pupil at D’s SN school is there for a reason, that that setting is the most appropriate for them individually and getting up on a stage in front of an audience would be daunting enough, wouldn’t it?

But they do.  I have so much admiration for the staff who practice and practice with the groups, providing gentle support and guidance on the day, holding an instrument in front of a physically disabled child or keeping an over-excited child calm with a gentle hug.

The first year I attended a performance I wanted to cry with sheer pride, not just for D, but for every pupil who performed and that feeling of pride never goes, it’s lovely to see children that I’d see going in or out of school developing in both confidence and pleasure as they sing/play an instrument.  

Yesterday was challenging for D.  It was extremely hot in the hall and she didn’t want to go on stage and sing, anxieties had been building up overnight and, whilst she did go up with her group, she refused to join in and then had a meltdown after school, still in the stifling heat.

Today has gone better.  She had four performances to do, two this morning, two this afternoon – xylophone playing, rhythm band, a class performance and some more singing.  This was us after the morning sessions:

This afternoon she was tired, the hall was warm again and she’d spent a lot of time in there, the students watch all the other performances so D has spent the majority of the school week in there.  She usually loves singing but the last performance was tricky for her, but at least she went on stage.

Tomorrow brings her final Proms performance and it’s the playing of a flute.  Something she’s been having lessons with and she has the opportunity for further (paid) lessons as they believe she’s showing potential – which is fab (and a lot smaller than the cellos some other children have been playing!).

It’s been a week of going in and out of school (especially today) but it’s something that is always fantastic to watch and appreciate the amazing children who go to D’s school and their teachers.

The picture below was drawn by D as the school have a competition to design a picture for the front of the programme.  Her picture came second and is proudly displayed on the back of the programme with a “runner up” name check.  Fab isn’t it.


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