Not Funny – Sun 5th July 2015

By | July 5, 2015

There’s that saying “it’s better to laugh, than cry” and it works, a good old giggle can wash away (or defer) any niggles.

Take today, there’s a problem with Hubbie’s car and as we were dealing with the question of whether it would be a quick fix or a bigger one, his phone decided to go into total lockdown and stop working.  Talk about a double whammy and cue a while trying to research what the latest problem could be and then at least an hour trying to reach our mobile provider.  Upshot being it’s not fixable and another handset is on its way – not an ideal scenario for a self-employed Hubbie.

So, a bit of humour was needed.  A bit of pirate talk (which always produces giggles and a few laughs from T) and how about using our cordless Hoover to chase around the house and upstairs – which had a grumpy-no-more Hubbie leaping everywhere to escape the GTech with designs on his toes.

Unfortunately none of this went down well with D.  She will find some situations funny, like “The Goodies” or “Mr Bean” but it’s almost as if she has to watch, memorise and then repeat any sketch verbatim whilst laughing, as if it all has to be very familiar.

It was all declared to be “not funny” and off she went, to pace her room and make those familiar creaking floorboards as she walked up and down, up and down, up and down her room.  When she was a few years younger, she’d walk around objects she’d put in the middle of the room or walk along the hall and back, with a calm but focussed look on her face, unresponsive to any queries as to whether she was okay.  Now, it’s all done in her room.

She’s tired.  She wants the school holidays to start now – two weeks and four days to go.  At least the incredibly busy Proms Week is over, hopefully the remaining term time will bring clarification as to her new teacher for September and location – as she’ll be moving into secondary (gosh, that’s passed quickly).

If T is tired, he isn’t showing it.  He is counting down big time to the end of term, probably looking forward to starting year 8 when he and his peers won’t be newbie year 7’s anymore, with so much to get used to.

But we still have a few weeks to go until the end of this term, hopefully D’s last weeks in Primary will produce less anxiety than we’ve seen previously.  Be nice to see her smile.


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