My Word For The Week – Fri 24th July 2015

By | July 24, 2015

Yippee! The school holidays are here and we’ve had one of those rainy days that I remember from my school holidays, it’s just rained ….. and rained ….. and rained.  

However, because we haven’t had to head out in the afore-mentioned sogfest, it’s made for a relaxed end to the week.  A week in which my summing up word could have been “yay” as both T and D are glad it’s the holidays, it could have been “football” as my little admin role for Hubbie’s team has produced quite a few emails and kit sorting, but nope, it’s:
And here’s why:

1.  An injection 

D’s last day at school brought with it her injection.  I had a choice between it being administered on the last day of school or at home on the first day of the school holidays.  Neither would have gone down well and she always builds up a lot of anxiety over it.  I can’t sugar-coat it for her, injections do hurt, all I can do is offer reassurance and cuddles, before doing and after.

She wasn’t happy, but at least it’s done for another month.  

2.  Lanyards

Needles of another kind have also been busy this week.

I decided that – as I couldn’t really afford to give all D’s teachers Costa cards, as we normally do – we’d opt for the non-chocolate route and make something, a memento of D, especially with the flower:

Knitted lanyards with a complementing coloured flower on them.  

They went down very well and D was delighted to see one or two of her teachers wearing them.

I managed to ramp the embarrassment factor right up for T as we had a train trip to Windsor and, as I was slightly behind on the lanyard front, I took my needles with me and discretely clickety-clacked away on the train.

3.  Quack!

Those needles have also been busy with some ducks, here’s Fluffy (named by D and doing a duck-face better than me):


Pinkie (again, named by D):

And Petal, I went a bit OTT and added flowers to her, for some reason:


I’ve found it very relaxing to create things this week, the lanyards and ducks have been very quick too.  Something to pick up and put down as circumstances dictate.  It’s taken my mind a bit of the fact that, although the blood test results (more needles) are “within normal ranges”, I’m no clearer as to knowing why my hair and nails are suffering.  Hopefully a scheduled phone call with my doctor next week will bring some potential answers/remedies.


Neither T or D like wearing anything “woolly”, it’s “too itchy and scratchy” for them, but T has requested I make him a woolly football…. clickety-clack ….


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