Hats – Mon 27th July 2015

By | July 27, 2015

I wear many metaphorical hats during the day, everyone does, don’t we?

Today has felt like there’s been quite a few:

There’s the “mumma” hat (one of my favourite ones), the one I wear when cuddles are needed, when that sixth sense comes in that tells me a situation could be occurring between T and D.  Which leads into:

The “referee” hat, also known as the “negotiator” hat, utilised in times when my gentle but firm voice needs to be used, to try and rectify an instance where D hasn’t understood T’s dark humour or sarcasm and we’re heading to a meltdown.

And then we have the “football” hat (I never thought I’d be wearing one of those), the emails and admin involved with T’s team are ever increasing – I hope he one day appreciates just how much time and effort his dad and I put into his team.

Which leads to another hat, the “admin to self employed husband” hat, estimates, invoices and emails, they all need dealing with.  

I was explaining (trying to) to T about the many hats I sometimes wear and he seemed to listen, then looked at me and at the clock and said “it’s lunchtime” (it was), which leads onto those other hats worn whilst I’m sorting the washing, hoovering or making a meal.  They’re interchangeable and probably come under “housewife”, curlers optional I guess ….

 (Not me by the way!)

And then there’s another favourite, the “wife” hat, also known as “Mrs Silly”, because however tough life seems, a bit of silly humour between Hubbie and I gets us through.  We have the same (really quite daft) sense of humour and it’s always better to laugh than cry.

Tomorrow will see the “negotiator” hat come back on as we are hopefully getting T out beyond the garden fences.  Nothing too demanding, just a trip to the shops but a list of when and in what order has been requested and compiled, there are always repercussions if I attempt to deviate.

But for now “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” and it certainly is.

(Image via Phase Eight)

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