Feeling better from within with Viviscal 

By | July 29, 2015

This isn’t a post I’ve been asked to write, nor have I received any free products – which is a shame because Viviscal isn’t cheap, but I know it will help me.

In January 2014, I managed to damage all the nails on my right hand during the assembling of a trampoline.  Yes, I know I should have worn some gardening gloves and hindsight is a wonderful thing … too late.   Over the next few months, the damage became very apparent as the nails split and ridged, any regrowth was coming through in a poor way as I’d obviously managed to wreck the nail bed too.

I put up with it, took some Viviscal from July to September last year and they did grow a lot faster then I couldn’t afford another box so I stopped.  Still not liking my nails but Christmas was coming and I also wanted to get myself smiley.

Fast forward to now and I’m indeed smiley but the two months or so when I was eating very little (as my jaws were so painful) have taken their toll.  These are my nails today (left and right hand):

Quite a difference, eh? And I can’t cover them up with nail polish because they wouldn’t look any better, I used to absolutely love having a shellac manicure too.

The puncture mark on my palm is from picking a wriggly cat out of the garden shed!

I’ve been to the doctor about them as the “spoon indent” on my thumb and on another nail really concerned me, the “spoon indent” can be a symptom of a severe iron or zinc deficiency and I’ve been tested for both.  

The iron level came back at 22, down from 66 in December, the “normal range” being between 12 and 600 (!) so my iron levels are down quite a bit (not that they were that high to start with).

As for the zinc, that test isn’t back yet.  I don’t think I had been tested for that previously, so there won’t be anything to compare it to.

My doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to start on the Viviscal and so it’s onwards from today.  I had starting taking some Boots Hair, Skin and Nails tablets from last week (a lot cheaper) and it maybe be me, but that thumbnail seems to be growing out already, with healthier growth underneath.

In the meantime I’m upping my intake of foods and veg that contain a high level of iron and zinc, it can only help, can’t it?
I’ve decided I’m going to update this monthly, as a record for me to see how the supplement is doing.  One day …. maybe …. I’ll be back with some Shellac on again (can’t see it happening this year though).

And the morale of this tale is: Where gardening gloves when you put up a trampoline! Or are doing anything that might potentially damage nails and fingers.


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