Compliments – Weds 29th July 2015

By | July 29, 2015

We had a bit of a “moment” today and it was all to do with glasses.


T is extremely proud of the fact that he doesn’t wear glasses, when the rest of us do.  Whenever it’s around the time for his annual eye check, he protests – he doesn’t “need” an eye test, his eyes are “fine”, they were fine last year, they’ll be “fine” this year and the next … etc.

He isn’t open to the idea that annual tests are to pick up any potential issues and, whilst he may not need glasses now, he will be genetically disposed to needing them in adulthood (as well as no doubt inheriting Hubbie’s hairline, poor T).

Today he put on my glasses as a joke, he calls them “geeky” and they probably are, but I like them.

He looked great in them, T has such wonderfully long eyelashes and big blue eyes (he’s got my eye shape) that both D and I told him they looked really good.

It didn’t go down well.  We were both accused to wanting him to wear glasses, so that he’d look the same as the rest of us.  He doesn’t want to look the same, he was very clear about that.  Glasses thrown off and an exit.

It was meant as a compliment, pure and simple.  Something he’s not too good at accepting.  I wish he did, he’s such a bright and clever little chap, full of potential and he’s done so well this year – as we tell him, we are so proud of him.

In contrast, D loves to receive compliments and if they’re accompanied by a hug or a handshake, even better.  

Maybe it’s a boy thing, but it’s a shame that something that started off as a fun few moments, quickly turned into anything but.

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