Chilled – Sat 4th July 2015

By | July 4, 2015

I’m not referring to the weather, it’s been another lovely sunny day here, but more of the atmosphere.

After a long week, it’s been chilled and relaxed, just how a weekend day should be.  No pressure and no antagonism between T and D (unusually).

We do have one hurdle to cross in the next couple of weeks though, T finishes school for the term six days before D, something he is delighted about.  Something which definitely won’t go down too well with D, once she realises.  It’s easier on her if I don’t mention it yet, otherwise we’ll have grumpy moments over the next three weeks.  Inset days always affect them, one delighted that they have a day off, the other extremely cross that they don’t!

But for now, it’s been lovely to see them both smiling, both relieved it’s the weekend (we all are).

Happy 4th July to any U.S.A. readers btw.


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