Calm – Sat 18th July 2015

By | July 18, 2015

It’s not often I can use “calm” to describe our day, but that’s how it’s been.  Lovely.

T is relieved that he’s finished school for the summer and he’s thankfully hasn’t been reminding D that she still has Mon-Weds to go.  Phew!

There’s been laughter, there’s been smiles and they’ve worked together (separately but together) in their Minecraft world.  They’ve both been cuddly (separately, those days of me having each on one knee or carrying both upstairs at the same time are long gone).  D very much “give me a cuddle, give me a BIG cuddle”, whilst T will silently appear and wrap himself around me.  It’s nice.  

I’ve been mostly making presents for the staff in D’s class and “Fluffy”.

This is “Fluffy” – named by D – and he/she/it “duck faces” far better than me.  D’s next request is for a pink duck, she’s decided it will be called “Pinky”.  

We usually see anxieties creep in on a Sunday for D, with the return to school on a Monday, I have a feeling there’ll be enhanced as, not only will T obviously be off school and around, but he’ll be walking with us to school (routine changes).

I may be wrong.  It may all be another calm day, but if it isn’t, that’s okay, today has already made up for it!

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Kate Holmes on 19th July 2015 at 12:28 pm.

Here’s to the restorative power of calm days and I enjoyed reading about yours. Hope tomorrow goes fine and that you have a long and lovely Summer ahead. I have had 6 hours of calm on my own today with the dog and it has done me the power of good


Jeannette on 26th July 2015 at 4:29 pm.

Thanks Kate, D’s last few days in year 6 went very well and it’s not been too bad these first days of their time off.
Not so much calm but heading towards chilled, which is what they both need.
I’m glad you get some “you-time” with the dog, time like that must be sparse when you home-ed but very worthwhile, as your recent posts have shown.
Have a fab summer 🙂


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