All Change! Weds 15th July 2015

By | July 15, 2015

After a couple of days of normality (routines wise), today saw some change being thrown into the mix and both T and D coped very well!

D was still buoyed up by the fact that she’s extremely pleased with the new class arrangements for September and that she’ll be with her favourite boy pal.  A very happy walk to school and a cheerful gallop up the stairs to her class, which always makes people smile who see her do her “bye Mumma” and a wave as she turns at the top of the stairs.

The change came in that I wouldn’t be collecting her and T, Hubbie would.  Quite a bit of pre-planning to ensure that he (Hubbie) had all the “bits” that are usual after school and off I went.  To be honest, T seemed a bit more unsusceptible to this change than D, my guess is that he was thinking that the last time his mum popped on a train to London, she wasn’t back til the following evening.  Not so today.

D didn’t want me to take Bunny on my travels, but instead instructed me to “make funny faces and take a picture of them”, I managed these before the train got too busy:

An attempt at cross-eyes and a duck face (something I’m not familiar with doing!)

D was pleased to see me when I got back, she’d done very well with the end-of-day change, as had T.

She has more change tomorrow, which hasn’t gone down too well.  She’s heading off to a concert venue in town tomorrow to hear a full orchestra play, as a kind of reward for her participating in music clubs and playing in Proms Week.  D is concerned that it will be “too noisy and too busy”, which are valid concerns for her but I’m sure it will be managed with the children’s needs taken into account.  I hope so, but I am sure there will be some pent-up fallout for me at school time tomorrow.  It also means she’ll miss swimming, which she’s upset about but conveniently forgets that she had anxieties about swimming every week too!

But hey, change can be positive, today’s certainly was for me (post to follow on what I got up to), it’s a shame that it’s not always welcomed – even though it’s of benefit to them with a (hopefully) enjoyable new experience.

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