Zero – Fri 26th June 2015

By | June 26, 2015

No anxieties for D today, none.  Nothing preying on her mind when she woke up, she even skipped a little on the way to school and headed upstairs to her classroom happily.

This is the first time in ages that the morning has been like this, last week saw lots of angst over sports day and earlier this week has seen injection, swimming and other worries for her.

It hasn’t been easy to juggle listening to her concerns whilst T is interjecting with “why’s she worried about that?”, which will then prompt a reaction from D and then a “what did I do?” from T.

I think we’re all relieved it’s the weekend and that, for me, that we’re all safe and well, a definite day for counting blessings following the news from around the World.

One thing is likely to annoy T this weekend though, amongst no doubt others.  

He’s heading on a school trip on Monday and they have been given a list of things they should and shouldn’t take on the day.  One of them being phones, which I have tried to explain to T the school’s stand on this – that these could get lost/stolen – and listened to his viewpoint.

The classes have been told that they won’t need anything to occupy themselves on the journeys as they can talk to each other.  T, being a clever chappie, has worked out the timings of journeys there and back and said to me “I’ll be talking on the way there, we won’t have anything to talk about on the way back because we’ll already have said it”.  Part of me thinks that he has a point as his back-and-forth conversation can be somewhat limited.  Hopefully he won’t dwell on this aspect of the trip too much this weekend.

This weekend …. I asked D what she’d like to do.  Her reply was “cuddles with you (me), cuddling Bunny (her faithful threadbare constant companion) and some minecraft”.  Sounds good to me – as long as there’s some garden time and fresh air – after quite an angst-ridden week.


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