Worrying and The Syndicate  – Weds 10th June 2015

By | June 10, 2015

Another day, another round of anxieties for D.  

She’s extremely worried about next week’s sports day because she’s decided she won’t win a gold medal (she’s won silver and bronze in the last few years).

School take the approach that we do, “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part” and D understands this but …. that little bit of competitiveness takes over, together with the desire for a medal (she does like shiny things).

There’s also the potential complication that she’s House Captain so she’s going to be expected to perform some duties, which can go one of two ways, can’t it?

She’s also anxious about an incident that happened in class today, her teachers and a fellow pupil were all hit by another pupil.  

It can’t have been nice to see and she wasn’t happy telling me about it.   It’s very easy to forget that D would be overcome with physical and emotional moments whilst in mainstream and all of the pupils in her SN school are there for a reason, that the SN environment is more beneficial for them.  I do feel for the staff, it can’t be easy wondering how any potential situations may go.

All we can do as parents is be aware, feedback if there are concerns and try and explain to a child who is prone to emotional outbursts at times just why she’s seen what she did.  It’s strange, because D will recognise that whatever has happened in school wasn’t “good behaviour” (as she calls it) but then she’ll forget that at times she’ll react like that too, when totally overcome with emotion or an unexpected situation.

On a different matter, if you haven’t watched the first couple of episodes of Series 3 of The Syndicate then click here for BBC iPlayer.

Lenny Henry is absolutely amazing in it as a gentle gardener Godfrey, who is also high functioning Aspergers.  It is obvious that he’s undertaken a lot of research and spent quite a bit of time with autistic individuals because he does an incredible portrayal.  At times I felt I was watching T and D combined, with regards to the mannerisms, the need to get his views across even though the body language of the others suggest they wish to change the subject and the way that moods and emotions can change as if a switch has flicked.

I hadn’t watched the first episode until last night and then immediately had to watch the second (until the small hours) because the acting was so good.  

Any awareness, especially contained within a prime show can only be good.  I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx 

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