The Rules – Tues 30th June 2015

By | June 30, 2015

I know I mention it a lot, but we are incredibly proud of T and the way he’s adapted to secondary school life and grateful for the fact that we received a school place upon appeal (only one of six to do so, out of 35 cases heard).

There has been a lot for him to adjust to; the fact that he has to physically move classes for lessons whereas in primary he stayed in the same room,  the increased homework and that much of it is either set or performed via the school’s online system, the longer day and that he has to catch a school bus to and from. It’s quite a bit, isn’t it? Heaps for him to adjust to and he is extremely good at masking any negativity during the school day, letting it out when he’s home, sweet home.

On his first day (bearing in mind all the above), he was threatened with detention.  Why? Because he wasn’t wearing his school jumper.  The weather was much like it has been today, extremely warm and nowhere had it said in our welcome booklet that jumpers were to be worn at all times, irrespective of the weather.  It was one of the new Head’s remits, apparently.

It seems strange that there are so many “rules”, no popping to the toilet during class and no drinking of water during class.  If I went for a job interview in an office and they said the above, I wouldn’t be impressed.  I know that secondary school needs to prepare the young adults for the workplace but surely a bit of common sense has to come into it? Especially when the weather is warm and humid.  

So, it was a relief to receive this, this afternoon:

Yay! T is a tad happy about it too.  Something else he’s had to master is the tie-ing of his school tie.  He picked this skill up really quickly but at times it’s tied quite aggressively when he’s having an “off” morning.

It will (hopefully) make for a more relaxed T in the last few weeks of term, until they head back to school in September on a warm day anyway.

(A good day for D, I’m looking forward to watching her sing with her class as part of a week of musical performances tomorrow, always a reminder of just how settled she is, in the most appropriate setting for her)

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