The Calm Before ? Weds 17th June 2015

By | June 17, 2015

I hadn’t expected a calm D today, she has sports day tomorrow (which has been causing anxieties) and then Friday it’s all change as I’m away.

However calm (ish) she has been, she came downstairs from her class whistling and we had a few cuddles whilst waiting for T’s school bus.

I do now wonder, though, if it’s all been a bit of a “front”.  We came out of school past lots of secondary children with their parents (their sports day was today) and the “clunk-clunk” of medals being worn proudly was very noticeable.  Happy smiles from the children too.  D would normally look around at the strange noises but ignored them completely and didn’t want to discuss whether she’d been allowed to watch any of the races.

Later on, she looked very anxious and after some requests to tell me what’s wrong, she whispered “sports day” so …. it’s still there, bubbling away.  Whether it bubbles over before school or before/during the events I don’t know but we’re on emotional and physical (in the case of a bolt) standby.

She did used to crawl under spectator chairs to get away from the field, unfortunately (or fortunately) she is now way too tall to successfully attempt that this year!

But there are things to look forward too for her, she’ll be allowed to leave slightly earlier in the afternoon (as we’ll be there, she loves that even if it’s only five minutes early), no doubt the ice cream van will be there and I’m sure she’ll appreciate a cone.

I’m hoping I can share happy, smiley photos of (just) D, enjoying her sports day, something she’ll be doing as House Captain as this is her last term in Primary.  Fingers (and toes) might get tightly crossed.  

Whatever happens, it will be lovely to see her and the other children having fun, in an environment which is so welcoming and everyone there claps all participants and no-one is excluded (there are always wheelchair races for physically disabled pupils with very warm TAs pushing their chairs along).  Great heart-warming times.


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