Stomp – Mon 1st June 2015

By | June 1, 2015

It was a stomp-filled start to the week in the Bluecrisps household; stomps because it was back to school time, stomps that it wasn’t still half term and stomps from D because she was extremely anxious about going back to school.

The stomps continued on the way to school, any little sights we usually look out for were robustly ignored and, because of that, I couldn’t engage D in any of the usual conversations that we have (ie.  “look at that flower”, “there’s a squirrel” or “look, Bitsey is following us”).

And, because D has to go up a floor to her classroom, there were stomp-stomp-stomps heading up, with a very subdued “bye Mumma” at the top.  Poor D.  Like T though, she needs the routine and structure that school brings, even if neither of them thought so this morning.

The one positive about this morning is that I headed for the gym after dropping her off, so instead of walking back and worrying, I could work it all through via the various pieces of equipment.  The gym offers parents, teachers and pupils of D’s SN a 50% discount so it’s a good deal (assuming I go regularly).

How was she this pm? Pale, tired and unsmiling.  Her school is very good at motivating the pupils with certificates for good behaviour etc and one of her class has decided he will give out certificates with not-so nice attributes on.  Apparently another child got really upset when he was given a “nasty” certificate and D was very worried because she’d been told that she’d be next.   Whether it happens or not, she was full of angst.   I told her that if she gets given anything, she should either ignore it or tear it up, but easier said than done for a girl who really struggles with confrontation and confidence issues.

The only advantages to the walk home this afternoon were that it wasn’t raining and the busy mainstream primary we have to go past had an inset day, unfortunately both elements will be present tomorrow!  Gusty wind too, apparently.

So, it’s been a day full of Monday-ish-ness.   The one positive I could say to D as I was de-knotting her hair (not a popular activity!) is that there’s only four days until the weekend!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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