Pop! – Sun 28th June 2015

By | June 28, 2015

It decided to rain today so we found a new pastime today, once which T loved and I thought D would too – but she didn’t.

It involved bubble wrap, something we’ve enjoyed popping and painting with previously (it makes for a great show scene).

The expanse of bubble wrap was so long that I had a better idea, a bubble wrap pathway!  T could not wait to walk/hop and jump along it, each time the bubbles making a different series of “pops”.

He even “swam” on it, saying it felt just like swimming.

I was surprised that D didn’t enjoy it, but maybe it was just one more change in a week or so that’s seen plenty of them.  With more to come as she’s in five music-related performances this week at school, spread over three days so there will be plenty of scope for those anxieties to creep in and chip away at her.

We’ve already had a (gentle) “tell me what’s wrong D”, with a “I’m sad because it’s the end of the weekend” response.  Cue cuddles and a silent wish that she enjoys at least some of her week.  In contrast, T is full of beans because he’s on a school trip tomorrow and that means no lessons!

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