Oooh oooh ah ah – Mon 29th June 2015

By | June 29, 2015

A monkey came home from a school trip to the zoo today, a mask-wearing T.

This isn’t him in the mask btw, but his parents (T’s, not the monkey).

T had struggled with the concept of a much freer timetable today, asking for timings both yesterday and this morning as he left.  I guess, though, it’s good that he can tolerate days in which it’s free-flowing, that there’s no “do this, then do that” etc, even though that’s what he craves.

Asked if there were any highlights of the day or bits he enjoyed most, he couldn’t think of any but (as his photos automatically go onto our iCloud) we could see that he had taken quite a few pictures so much have found a few bits to enjoy.  

Having the iCloud sharing is such a peace of mind, it means that if there was anything “iffy” taken, we’d immediately be aware, fortunately (for both) it’s mostly Minecraft screenshots.

And how about D?  Well she loved the fact that we could walk straight home without waiting for T’s school bus and we walked arm-in-arm and it was very relaxed, very smiley, very girly-ish.  

It’s made me realise that I somehow need to factor in 1:1 regularly with each of them during the upcoming summer holidays, although how I’m not sure ATM.

Otherwise a good start to the week for all, it’s a week which will see a lot of change for D as she’s in quite a few musical performances but at least it’s started well.


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