More of the same – Tues 2nd June 2015

By | June 2, 2015

As day follows night, so we had another shaky start this morning for D.

She was full of angst over the upcoming sports day at her school (there’s still 2.5 weeks until that) and the fact that she was due to start a new sport at after school sports club.

She always finds the after school club challenging, for a couple of reasons:

1.  The other pupils who attend are so much older (and therefore bigger and stronger) than her 


2.  She finds contact sports particularly tricky. Whether it be another child rushing towards her or a fast ball heading her way.

She has got much better at the turn-taking element and at school (and home) we emphasise the “it’s not the winning but the taking part”.   However, bearing in mind the sport for after school this half term is cricket and her attendance is voluntary, not mandatory, I thought it best to send her apologies now, for the whole half term.  

This means that (hopefully) we won’t have days of D’s anxiety around something which only lasts an hour, once a week.  She has also been very vocal that she “feels forced” to do these and, if she’s not going to enjoy it (or the build up), this approach seems best for all.

And, once she’d seen that I’d written this in the home-school diary, she did relax momentarily until she then started worrying that her teacher wouldn’t read it and therefore she’d still have to go.

So, it was another unhappy walk to school, made worse (if it could be) by the fact we were trudging through the rain, in the gusty winds.   Another subdued entrance to school for D, another gym session needed for me to (attempt to) take my mind off worrying about her.

She was relieved to see me at hometime, at the usual time, but was still very fragile and there have been stomps and tears before bedtime.

It’s not been the best return to school for D, I hope that she’ll settle back in eventually, we are definitely counting down to the weekend here!  It sounds like (from what she’s said) that a few of her classmates are also unsettled, so that makes for a challenging class, I’d imagine.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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