I’m Happy – Weds 3rd June 2015

By | June 3, 2015

“I’m Happy”.  Those were the first words D said to me this morning.  The anxieties that had encompassed her from Sunday onwards seemed to have evaporated overnight … until next time anyway.

But, back to today.  A happy D is contagious, we try to adopt a “glass half full” approach anyway, a “focus on what your child can do, not what they can’t” and it was a lovely, sunny walk to school this morning.

One very good indicator of D’s mood is how she is on the walk to school; if she’s anxious, then it’s a (relatively) silent walk with any attempts that I make to point out birds/flowers/anything firmly declined but, this morning, she skipped along (she likes to skip, it’s when she “daydreams” apparently).

And a cheerful wave from the top of the stairs at school.  One happy D comfortably in school and, gosh, that was welcome after the angst of previous days.

Fast forward to the end of the school day and there she was, still smiling, still happy.  They’d done some drawing and colouring in class, something she loves to do, it’s one of her calming mechanisms.

This evening has continued to see a settled D, it’s been lovely.  T has been on good form too, there have been a few of his little asides but, rather than D reacting with emotion and a fast storm up the stairs, it’s simply washed over her.  

It’s made a nice change.  I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx 


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