Having A Go – Sun 14th June 2015

By | June 14, 2015

Another chilled day in our household, it’s been very welcome and extremely unusual to have such a calm time.  I usually find that a “good” day is followed by a “not so good” one, so …. grateful.

Our village had its annual carnival yesterday and I’ve always felt a bit guilty that we haven’t gone, but looking online at the pictures (very busy, noisy environment) with a lot of people packed into a relatively small place (as well as a procession with lorries, whistles and lots of musical noise), reminds me why it wasn’t for us.  It’s not just D who would react to the sensory overload but T too and, as he gets older (and stronger), we are finding if he doesn’t want to do something, he won’t.  Maybe one year we’ll get there but we all support our local community in other ways so I’ve stopped feeling guilty about it.

T and D have enjoyed working together (but separately) in their Minecraft world, it’s good to see them helping each other, crafting things so the other can pick it up and just smiling together.  Sometimes I pop into their “world”, which surprises and delights them!  This soon turns to frustrating though as I’m not particularly good at “flying”, usually manage to bash things by mistake and cannot craft.  The frustrations were good natured but D did get a little upset when I fell into the sea and couldn’t get out.  Lots of “I’m so glad you’re back with us” after she’d come and rescued me.

It’s not all been Minecraft though, homework and school bag packing done without too much fuss for T (finally!) and little chats age in with D about her upcoming week which will see some changes, hopefully they will go well.

I’ll have to remember how relaxed this weekend has been, next time we have a challenging one.  It’s been very welcome.  

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