Happy Dad’s Day – Sun 21st June 2015

By | June 21, 2015

Father’s Day in the UK and how nice to spend it together as a family, after the changes over the last couple of days (me having a night and two days away at BritMums).

D was hiding under her covers when I got back last night, there’d been thunder and lightening and she’d been scared.  The rain was so torrential that I arrived looking like I’d had a fully clothed shower (or “gone for a swim” as D told me).  She was extremely pleased to see me (after some initial reservations) and there were some cuddles due.  She was reluctant at first to talk about her day (or the Friday as she hadn’t wanted to talk to me on the phone yesterday) but, little by little, there’ve been some snippets of information, with gentle prompting.

T was quiet, there was a little smile, I hope that meant “glad you’re back”.

Today saw us visiting Grandad and a chance for D to see his garden, she loves to check on how the fruit and vegetables are doing.  Both were relieved to be home after, it didn’t mean they didn’t want to see him, just that they needed some downtime before the week starts all over again tomorrow.  There have been a few snipey moments (one such time I was very relieved that Grandad is hard of hearing so he wouldn’t have necessarily heard his grandson) but that is life here, T doesn’t realise that the words he says do have an impact and takes no notice of a “don’t do that” look or sentence.

And it’s quite a busy two weeks coming up.  We seem to be galloping towards the end of term, with various activities popping up in the next few weeks and, of course, with changes to their routines come anxieties, especially if it’s something that has been practised and practised.

I enjoyed my time away (apart from the travelling), it felt like I could be “me” and not just “D’s or T’s mum”, even though my reason for being there was my blog and its purpose.  This will all be for a separate post as it was my first blogger conference.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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