DING! – Thurs 11th June 2015

By | June 11, 2015

I make no apologies for the fact I’ve felt like this today:

A snarling lioness protecting her young.   

The “ding” of the title refers to a nitwit cyclist that made D jump today, we were by the crossing opposite her school and thank goodness, thank everything that she didn’t bolt into the (busy) road, it visibly and emotionally affected her though.

It had all gone reasonably well up until then, D had some anxieties about events of yesterday and the fact it was swimming today, she loves swimming but worries about being asked to swim underwater.  She gets concerned that she’ll drown and no amount of reassurance will quash her fears.

Anyway, we were nearly at the crossing and she’d been finally starting to smile and respond to my twittering about flowers/birds etc, I waffle away to try and take her mind off of her worries.

And then “DING”, no “excuse me” from the middle-aged cyclist who shouldn’t have even been on the pavement in the first place.  No smile as a shocked and jumpy D wondered what was going on (he wasn’t wearing headphones).  No response when I said to him “she’s autistic”, he merely cycled off, still on the pavement.

My mind was full of “what if’s” but the main concern was getting D in a reasonable state to school, she was too anxious to head up the stairs by herself so I popped up too (naughty me) and explained what had just happened.   She was smiling by the time I left, after plenty of cuddles and having been told there wouldn’t be swimming as they were having a drumming workshop instead (which D told me later was very very noisy!).

Rather than roaming around snarling (no, I wouldn’t have but felt like it), my annoyance at the cyclist’s complete lack of compassion for D got taken out in a gym and kettlebell session.  Much healthier.

And this afternoon, D was still a bit anxious this afternoon but she managed the walk home as per, fortunately we were going against the people traffic from the school we pass, so she didn’t have to overly worry about further cyclists or people behind her.

Hopefully tomorrow’s walk will pass without event, she’ll probably point out where the “ding” happened and if she does, there may be reminders of how she felt.

But if that cyclist does it again, there will be a few words about autism and how sudden shrill noises can potentially have repercussions.  His manners could do with a brush up too.

Anyway, this mumma is telling her inner lioness to have a night off, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

(Another feline picture, this time it’s Itsey, who’s favourite pastime is sleeping!)

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