Clenched – Sat 27th June 2015

By | June 27, 2015

Every part of D’s being was clenched today, tears running down her cheeks, on the tip of an emotional outburst.  Even her toes were curled up tightly as her fingers held onto her onesie so fiercely I thought it might rip.

The reason? A hair wash and subsequent brushing with a Tangle Teezer.

D loves the hair washing part, especially the rinsing.  We always end with a light trickle of water on her scalp and she squeals with delight.  It’s funny, but neither she nor T like the hot water (I don’t mean mega hot, just warm), they both prefer it almost cold – as summer fun in the paddling pool when they turn the hose on each other will confirm.

Later on, the squeals turned to angry squeals, squeals that conveyed “I don’t like having my hair brushed” and “if I don’t clench my fingers and toes tightly I may scream”.  It’s difficult.

Any reassurance that it won’t take long is not met with positivity, maybe because she can’t see how much more there is to brush.  She is always very responsive to visuals.

Sometimes I feel I would be easier if her hair was shorter, but then I have to counter that against the fact that she can’t sit still for any haircutting (edges have to be trimmed very quickly) and if she won’t sit still for me, she certainly won’t for a stranger.  

T does moan and squirm when it comes to a quick going over with the clippers, but at least he’ll let it happen – even if he moans about it for ages afterwards.

I think I remember hearing that D’s school does “beauty clubs” in lunchtime clubs for the secondary pupils, so she may have a chance to participate and perhaps sit still for whatever they do.  It’s a good idea isn’t it, hopefully a chance to try something out in an environment that they are used to.  Shame it doesn’t extend to parents!


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