A Petal – Weds 24th June 2015

By | June 24, 2015

A petal saved the day today, literally.

It hadn’t started well for D.  It was injection time which meant words of angst last night and this morning.  She is aware why she has to have this infection every month, but also very aware that it hurts and whilst the numbing cream acts as a kind of placebo for her, it hurts when that needle goes in.

Poor D, a kind of “if I walk slower, then I won’t have my injection so quickly” walk to school, which meant that we got there later than usual for the start of school, but at the time previously agreed with the school nurse.

Who had forgotten about our appointment, didn’t have the paperwork and then we couldn’t use her room because someone else was booked in, so we changed rooms twice, all this with the anxiety increasing in D – can you imagine? D had built herself up and then change after change and that was BEFORE the needle came out.

Eventually it was done, it’s always a hurry after the solution is mixed because there is a set amount of time before the contents of the needle start to harden, so it’s a case of attempting to keep D still (when she doesn’t want to be) and hoping I don’t get hit as arms flail about.

A tearful D didn’t want to join her class, not even when a TA came out. She got rid of some emotion by squeezing me around the ribs extremely hard and even nearly lifted me off the floor!  At least she was smiling after all that exertion!

And this afternoon? No mention of this morning.  Why? Because she’d found a poppy petal in the playground, a lovely, silky, bright red petal.  D loves petals/leaves/acorns/scraps of shiny ribbon etc so this was a definite find!  She came downstairs smiling a little smile, petal tightly enclosed in her hand and couldn’t wait to show another parent and us.  She even said it had been a “wonderful day”, all due to that little petal.   

Funny isn’t it, how something so small can turn a day around.  Until next month anyway.


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