When – Sun 3rd May 2015

By | May 3, 2015

When you’d like to say that today has been “tickety boo” – but you can’t.

When even though you’re with them on the trampoline, your son still delights in throwing (not soft) balls at your daughter’s head.  Despite the fact he’s been asked not to, despite the fact that it hurts her, despite the fact she’s crying.

When, for a change, you give your daughter something different for Sunday tea.  When you’re confident she’ll be okay with it, but when she says “it’s Sunday, but this is what I have for tea on Tuesday, but I’ll eat it anyway”.

When you wanted it to be a relaxed day, when you’re looking forward (ish) to the longer weekend but you know that the change of routine will impact.

When your daughter has an inset day on Tuesday, but your son hasn’t.  When you know that if he found out, he’d be extremely cross.  When you’re secretly relieved that he leaves for his coach an hour before your daughter and arrives back after her school out time, so you can meet him as usual.

When you know that tomorrow will mean homework as it was refused today.

When you’re secretly quite relieved that you don’t do the “traditional” bank holiday pursuits of garden centre/DIY shop/tourist attraction because neither of your children are comfortable in unfamiliar, crowded places.

When your smiley resolve has been replaced by a bit of a grumpy pixie impersonation (I was getting very good at it!)

When you think “tomorrow is another day” and aim to write a more positive blog.  When, even though you haven’t been smiling inside, you would still defend your children against all comers (and professional troll-type columnists) because they need you to, because they have autism.


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