Turkey! Mon 4th May 2015

By | May 4, 2015

We had a lovely moment today.  More often than not, D won’t find something amusing that T does (he, for example, will collapse into giggles at the mere mention of p*rp, f*rt etc) and invariably any funny moment will end abruptly with her getting annoyed and upset and retreating.

Today though, D made had a funny moment and actually found it funny, so funny that she was very happy to tell Hubbie all about it (as opposed to being upset about it).

It was all about chocolate (yummy).  Hubbie had brought back some Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight as I fancied some, convalescing (when I remember) J that I am.

D was absolutely fascinated by it and thought that the “Turkish delight” bit said “Turkey”.  There followed quite a few moments of D wondering if it was Turkey-flavoured chocolate and whether it would be nice and “wasn’t that a bit of a strange flavour”?

Some explaining later and she realised that it was in fact a sweet flavour and almost jelly-like (she doesn’t like jelly in any form so didn’t want to try any).

It was a very funny moment for D, funny when she recounted it to Hubbie and it may even make it into her “News”.  Lovely to see her smiling and giggling along.

But you know, maybe she has a point because we found one of these images this afternoon, it maybe not Turkey-flavoured but it’s certainly Turkey-shaped!

And tomorrow we have our “girlie” shopping trip as she has an inset day, I imagine there will be some sparkly, glittery items to browse!

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