Tipping – Mon 18th May 2015

By | May 18, 2015

Today has felt a bit like this:

On the one hand, we have D’s absolute joy at her upcoming birthday (2 sleeps to go).  We could never ever begrudge D any of this joy – ever – because she didn’t really understand the concept of a birthday until about the age of 7 and to her, it was just another day.

On the other, was D’s anger at the weather (rain this morning, gusty wind and threatening more rain this pm).  She disliked it immensely.

And so our walks to and from school have veered between a very excited D, to an agitated D at the weather.

T, poor T, is extremely cross with me because I used the wrong grade of clipper when cutting his hair at the weekend.  It was a genuine mistake (honest!), he has one number for the top and a different one for the sides, enabling the top and crown to be slightly longer.  

Guess who was distracted and mixed them up? That would be me.  T is adamant that I did this deliberately in order that his hair is short all over …. but these things happen …. I have been told that if I was a hairdresser, I’d be sued (!), fortunately there  wasn’t a charge involved.

So we had T grumbling about his hair, D agitating about the weather and let’s say the path to the front door couldn’t appear quickly enough.

Then, it was a case of “keep calm and carry on” and hope that things would settle down.  Which they did.  Until tomorrow, when we do it all over again.

The positives being:

1.  By tomorrow, there will be one sleep to go for D


2.  T’s hair will grow back, quickly too as it’s like mine.

A definite “Monday” start to the week Jx 

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