The Last Word – Sat 23rd May 2015

By | May 23, 2015

Hubbie used to relate to me a story about when he was a teenager, he and his mum would argue – for ages – because both of them wanted the last word.   It used to make me wonder how they moved on from that, to have the incredibly close and friendly relationship they had until her death 1.5 years ago.

I hope T and I end up with just as close a relationship.  We have had a day of him determined to get The Last Word in practically everything today.

There have been extenuating circumstances, he’s catching the cold that D has (and not appreciating that fact) and he’s made it very clear that he does not wish to go out (apart from in the garden) at all next week *sob*.

Anyway, back to The Last Word, I’ve been attempting to explain to T about how to gauge when a conversation has naturally run its course and it sometimes isn’t appropriate to carry on replying and replying …. and replying.  Understanding social skills and body language is something that both he and D struggle with, but as he goes through his mainstream secondary school, it’s important I feel that he knows at least when a conversation has finished (especially when a teacher is talking to him).

Knowledge of unspoken signals will (hopefully) avoid any playground confrontations too.

D has been suffering with her cold today, it crept up on her yesterday and was manifesting into the red nose and all by this morning.  She’s not good at recognising when a good “huff” into a tissue would help so it’s been huuuuuge sniffs from her with reminders.   I’m not sure whether them both having colds at the same time would be better, or in tandem (with the risk that they pass it backwards and forwards and no doubt blame each other) … time will tell.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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