Sniff – Sunday 24th May 2015

By | May 24, 2015

One word has dominated today – Sniff.

Sniffs from D, who has to be reminded to wipe her nose, sniffs from T, who is absolutely furious that his sister has been generous with her germs.  Just sniff.

A day in which tolerance would have been nice, but unfortunately with both not feeling 100%, it wasn’t to be.

A day in which our noisy neighbours have been, well, noisy and it’s meant that any time in the garden has been short-lived as there have been bouncing nosey people who peer over from their trampoline.  As well as the shouts and shrieks that come over, which alarm D and frustrate T. Thank goodness we have our trampoline tent, otherwise I doubt T would spend any time on it at all.  

But it’s also been a day in which I’m relieved that it’s half term this week.  It would be difficult to see them both attending school knowing that they are full of cold.  Timing (hopefully) means that they’ll rest up, relax and return to school a week tomorrow healthy – or at least relatively germ-free.


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