Relaxed (ish) – Sat 9th May 2015

By | May 9, 2015

It all started so well.  A relaxed Saturday, well for us girls anyway.  

T and Hubbie headed off because T had a friendly football game and then they watched a men’s team match this afternoon.  An ideal day for T, focussed on the football that he enjoys so much – plenty of fresh air too.  

D, following the tears that came before and after school virtually every day this week, was much calmer, much happier.  Still needing cuddles but able to talk a little bit about what’s been troubling her during her three days at school, following a four day weekend.  It’s been a whole combination of things – poor D – some of which she’d been too upset to talk about at the time.

We used to use a little exercise trampoline indoors for D, until she got a bit too tall for the low ceilings in the hall.  The trampoline is now outside for the summer and it will (hopefully) mean that if T or D doesn’t want to necessarily be on the large trampoline with the other, then they can still both get the exercise and fresh air that benefits both.  

Surprisingly T was really enthusiastic about it when he returned and they did indeed take turns (which made a nice change, D especially struggles with turn-taking), she was even happy to go on the large trampoline with at – she usually doesn’t want to, but doesn’t have the confidence to say so until afterwards.

The tone changed later though, when she got her hair caught in the trampoline net zip – ouch!  Gently, gently did it as she was eventually free and then got so cross about the fact it happened that I got elbowed in the jaw – which wasn’t good news (but I know from experience that a fuss couldn’t be made – even though I wanted to, the pain! – as it would have made things much, much worse).

And D is still in angst over the fact her hair got caught, still not happy, definitely not as relaxed as previously.   Hopefully this won’t make it into her “News” as she’s be reliving it all over again on Monday.

Some mutual empathy would have been nice though.


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