Oh a TGIF – Fri 15th May 2015

By | May 15, 2015

Yipee, the weekend is upon us and a week to go until the half term break, there was a definite feel of “we made it to Friday” around the table this evening.

T is happier after a challenging couple of weeks at school and D brought home a certificate for being very brave during an outdoor challenge.  It’s good to know that achievements over and above (literally in D’s case!) the norm are recognised.

She was full of smiles on the way to school, I always do a “what was yesterday ….. what day is it tomorrow …. so, what does that mean today is?”, to which she’ll excitedly squeak “Friday!”, but today I added to it with “what was the day before yesterday … what is the day after tomorrow?” and she did extremely well.  Scope to include in numbers for a bit more of a mental challenge next week I think, mood permitting.

Speaking of achievements, today’s Mental Health Awareness tweet was:


The Notes section on my phone is so handy and, at times I have so much whizzing around my head, that if I don’t note it down I forget whatever I’m meant to remember! I have a cork notice board above my desk too and that helps keep the clutter down.  

(Taken empty as there are addresses etc pinned up there)

It is always a happy moment when either a note is deleted from my phone or a task crossed through, makes me feel slightly more organised too.

And we’ve ended the evening quite reflectively.  

Today marked the first anniversary of the sudden death of a little girl in our village.  To commemerate her, her family requested that there be pink and purple balloons and ribbons around as those were her favourite colours.  The community stepped up and it has been bittersweet to see balloons and fabrics fluttering in the breeze.

And Hubbie witnessed a road accident tonight, he was behind two cars that hit a young boy.  Fortunately the child was sitting up and talking as he went off in an ambulance but both incidents serve as a reminder that life is short and you never know what is around the corner (which may just be the prompt for a future #SHhealthyminds tweet).

Have a fab evening Jx 

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