Mid week (ish) – Weds 6th May 2015

By | May 6, 2015

Going back to school after a weekend is always a challenge for D.  One of the first things she’ll say to me is “I wish it was still the weekend” and then have a cry.

It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy school when she’s there, it’s all the preparation, the walk and the thought of writing her News again, after she’s already written it at home.

So …. this morning was particularly difficult because 1) she was heading back after a four day weekend (inset yesterday), 2) she loved our Girlie Day yesterday and 3) our walk to school was blowy (an considerable understatement).

When D has it fixated in her head that she doesn’t want to go, it’s not a happy walk.  She doesn’t want to look at chirping little birds as we walk by, or dodge the snails if it’s been raining or wait for friendly cats to pounce, it’s just a quiet but unhappy walk.  

And it was a quiet, unhappy, almost crying, pale D who I met at the end of the day.  She was already waiting downstairs as the road I have to cross had been busy and therefore I wasn’t in my usual place.  Even though she knew I was on my way, she was anxious that I wouldn’t be and was holding back the tears.

Which made for another unhappy walk, still gusty and with T too, who due to no fault of his own, can upset D further just by looking at her!

The one advantage is that we are one day closer to the weekend, but doesn’t that go quickly!

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully one with less angst …. although it’s after school sports club for D…. think positive J!


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