Disappointment – Sat 2nd May 2015

By | May 2, 2015

I’ve felt so sad for T today.  He hasn’t had the best week at school, his football team lost heavily last weekend (to a team who by scoring had won their league, so you can imagine the joy on one side and deflection on the other) and today his team were due to play their final game of the season but a team (apparently) couldn’t be raised.  So, points were awarded to the opposing team and that’s how the season ended.  Very disappointing.

T lives, breathes and (no doubt) dreams of football.  It is his “thing”, always has been from the time when he could pull himself up and bounce (and he’s never stopped bouncing since!).  He’s always on the ball (as it were) with stats, so had already worked out where the team would finish in the league table with a win, lose or draw.  To therefore be aware that 3 points were not to be had, without a game even being played was a big disappointment to him.

I’m glad in a way that he hadn’t completely clammed up about it all, that we have our walks home from school when (as long as he’s not overly cross with a situation or D), he will talk (ish) about things.  Sometimes he doesn’t and it’s extremely difficult to gauge anything, his face remains expressionless and he totally shuts down to questions or prompts.

At least the menfolk had a game to go and watch this afternoon, T might not relish talking to other children but, put a football in front of them and they instantly have something in common.  The beautiful game.  

I might resent at times (okay, I do) the amount of time the menfolk spend participating/attending/watching on TV/endlessly talking about watching games for teams they don’t support/going straight to the back page of a newspaper/sky sports news being on …. but it does provide an outlet for them, something that father and son (and grandad) can chat about.

Whilst D and I talk Rainbow Fairies!! We found a RF magazine and she absolutely loves it, a free little plastic lock and key and a RF book.  Perfect.


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