Challenging – This Week’s #R2BC and #WOTW

By | May 7, 2015

I’ve probably used this word to sum up our week before, no doubt I will again.  

Parenting can be challenging at times, throw autism, recuperation from smiley stuff, self-employment juggling for Hubbie, football commitments and day-to-day stuff and it’s definitely “challenging” and downright tiring.

What’s been challenging us this week?

1.  D and I had a lovely Girlie Shopping Day this week.  There was hair accessory and funky wig trying, there were “oooh’ s and aaah’s” at glittery, pink, shiny objects, we even got to gawp at the Apple Watch (want!).

This wasn’t without it’s ups and downs, D finds crowds and unfamiliar places very difficult to deal with and so we chose a quieter time (she was on inset).  She did extremely well and I really couldn’t have imagined a successful trip like this previously.

2.  To say that T has been having a challenging week at school is an understatement.  He’s not been best pleased and rather than show his emotions at school, he’s been saving it up for me (which is a relief in a way but still not terribly nice at the time).

3.  D’s four day weekend has meant that she hasn’t gone back to school readily or happily.  This morning was particularly angst-ridden and tearful.  She’s not the only one to be effected by the change to routine, from chatting with other mums.  The upside is that it’s nearly the weekend, but then we start all over again on Monday!

4.   I’ve hit a couple of complications with my smiley recuperation, but they’re relatively minor and to be expected.  I’m smiling through it and even got told off by T for “smiling too much” last week – an incentive to keep grinning if ever there was one!   I even tested out some bright red lipstick today, I’ve decided it didn’t suit my colouring but gave it a go.

5.  But my major challenge is to come.  I’ve entered the ballot for next year’s London Marathon, with the aim of completing some half marathons and other runs prior to that.  This is mega and I’ll be doing it to raise funds for the National Autistic Society, a cause naturally very close to my heart.  My dentist is on board for sponsorship – the pain has been worth it then(!) – and there are plenty of local businesses I can pester.  Exciting eh?

6.  And it’s May, which means it’s D’s birthday soon and our wedding anniversary at the end of the month.  My Hubbie has been so supportive through all my jaw hassle and we’ll have been together 15 years – wowzers!
Here’s D and I trying out some fun accessories in Claire’s:


I wonder what next week will bring?

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