Words – Sun 19th April 2015

By | April 19, 2015

Words have troubled D today, both in writing her “News” for school and a moment of stress when she couldn’t immediately explain what was wrong at a particular moment.  It took quite a while to establish what was causing her angst and it was something extremely minor.

Words is also a song that could have been a Music Monday sometime, but it seemed appropriate to link it tonight, click here to listen.  (No surprises as to the singer!)

Anyway, back to D.  Whilst she is becoming an absolute whizz on a keyboard, she finds writing down words and sentences very challenging.

I remember the OT at D’s school saying to me that “we’d come as far as we can with her writing” and that we should “concentrate on keyboard skills”.  

Here’s an example:


(Those wavy lines aren’t photoshopping, just how the paper was angled.  I have no idea how to photoshop anything!)

To me, it seems a bit strange that someone was prepared to write off (as it were) her writing skills at age 8.  I know that by now in mainstream she’d be encouraged to join up the letters.   To me, her writing is readable, it’s more or less on the lines and she’s using punctuation appropriately.  Whilst she doesn’t enjoy writing, she does like to add in explanation marks – in the right place too.  Both Hubbie and I are aware of how challenging she finds writing so it is always a joy to receive a card or a note from D.

We did do more in the holidays btw but D being D only wanted to write a few sentences, anything more would have been met with even more protesting.  Contrast this with T, who composes match reports, stats tables and writes and writes.

She’s not looking forward to being back at school but she will enjoy it once she’s back in that routine that she needs, craves almost.  Same goes for T.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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