The Wooden Box #SSAmazingAchievements

By | April 25, 2015

I’ve got quite a few Small Steps Amazing Achievements post ideas stored up, not because I’m being lazy but because of the dental stuff I’ve had done over the last month.  When you have an area that just does not stop aching and you’re not sleeping, posts don’t come automatically.  However (silver lining moment) things are easing and hopefully I’ll be sharing more than just diary posts soon.

It hasn’t been a particularly positive day here, so I’m going to share an achievement by T, that’s rather taken us by surprise in a proud way recently.

It’s this:

A wooden pen box, designed and made by T and he’s using it for school, isn’t it good?

The text is made up words on the front and they make him laugh apparently, the blanked out bit is his nickname.

It was really pleasing to see results like this because T does struggle with imaginative tasks set, give him a maths sheet of 100 questions increasing in complexity and he’s onto it immediately and eagerly, but ask him to think creatively and he struggles.  Big time.

When we visited T’s secondary school, the big plus for me was the art area, it was amazing. The works displayed, the materials available and the smell of old paint, I loved it!  It took me right back to my time at secondary school, as did the DT (Design Technology) areas.  I remember making candles, a (really wonky) totem pole and some strange metal things, all good fun.

As enthusiastic as I was about these areas, T wasn’t.  He much prefers things in black and white and really struggles with “grey” (unclear) areas so I was concerned as to how he’d cope with lessons such as Art, DT and Food Tech (a posh name for Home Economics or Cooking).   The parents evenings all understandably focus on the core subjects too so, to see that he’s managed to design and complete a task (and obviously likes it that much to use it) is a big, big bonus.

I’m looking forward to more creative arty bits coming home during his time in his secondary school, it’s great to see that he’s not only joining in, he’s doing the best he can and making his own little mark on it too.

This is my #SSAmazingAchievement for the week,  Jane at @ourlitescapades is hosting this week but if anyone has anything wonderful to share, please link up below as the code syncronises.

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Jane - Our Little Escapades on 28th April 2015 at 7:00 pm.

How lovely, and nice to see he made something that he can use. I used to love these lessons, I remember making a salad fork and a windmill. I hope more projects are brought home for you to see.

Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


Jeannette on 22nd November 2015 at 10:33 pm.

He’s still using it now, it takes up a lot of space in his backpack lol!


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