The Long And Short Of It – Fri 17th April 2015

By | April 17, 2015

The Easter holidays have meant a more relaxed approach to day-to-day activities, no rush out of the door for T, followed by D some 45 minutes later.

One thing that shouldn’t be rushed, but sometimes is, is D’s hair.  She hates having it cut, so we’re restricted to a speedy ends trim every so often, speedy is the word as I only have a moment or so’s grace before she gets fed up and starts wriggling and squirming.  I’d love to do the girlie hairdressing trips with her, but she’d be way too uneasy and wriggly and any patience on the part of a hairdresser would be lost.  She wouldn’t be able to respond well to “head down” etc instructions.

So, much as it would make live easier if she had a shorter, layered cut, it wouldn’t work.  Not just the upkeep but the initial cut.

The downside to plenty of happy bouncing on the trampoline, followed by lots of pool time, is knots, lots of them.  We had a fraught 45 minutes or so with the Tangle Teezer this morning, trying (gently) to get those pesky knots out. 

Shampoo time is no easier, wriggle, wriggle, splash, tears.  Last year I even washed her hair a couple of times in the paddling pool, she’s very happy to get her hair wet in there, in the cold (brr!) but it got it done.

Thinking about it, the majority of girls at her SN school also have long hair, so maybe I’m not alone in D having these sensory issues.

T, on the other hand, is extremely straight-forward, a run through with the clippers every month.  He’s never keen and squirms all the time, saying it tickles and hurts, but at least it’s over with quickly.

Not that I’d want to clipper D’s hair …

Back to school on Monday for T and D, the week has ended well here, with no “worst bits” for either of them.  Quite surprising, with the knots drama this morning.


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