TGIF (kind of) – Fri 24th April 2015

By | April 24, 2015

Friday’s are normally guaranteed to be a “good mood D” day, from the excited squeaks on the way to school as she remembers it’s “fish and CHIPS!” for me (yes the “chips” are squeaked louder) to the big smiles as she comes down the stairs at home time.

None of that today.  D came down unsmiling but she had had something that was causing her anxiety resolved.  She’d been invited to a Football Fun Day with school, D will give most sport things a try (she attends an after school sports club and they do a different sport every half term) but football worries her.  Partly it’s because it’s a speedy contact sport and mainly because she was put in goal once and hurt her fingers.  So, the prospect of a fun day comprising of football didn’t appeal.

We’d talked about it at home and reassured her that if she definitely didn’t want to do it, she needn’t, but she needed to hear from the PE teacher what it would entail – just in case it was more fun, less football.  So she did, decided that she didn’t to do it but wanted the reassurance from me that she didn’t have to.  Hence the worried little face at the end of the day.  All given and fed back so all should be okay.

It wasn’t.  We have a choice of two ways to walk home – the “deep dark woods” or past a busy school, normally we go past the school as (it’s not but to T and D, it’s quicker) but we had a change today.  It didn’t go down well.

Then once at home, T and D scrapped over the trampoline, with pushing and shoving from both sides.  T using the rationale that as D had kicked him years ago and he’d remembered it being discussed in CAMHS, that today, he’d fight back …. sigh.

So, a case of retreat for D, angry, emotional retreat and we hadn’t even done tea with our “best, worst (ha!) and funniest bits” yet.  It got “better” with initial refusals to come down for tea and once she had, it wasn’t the most sociable meal.  

Normality D doesn’t have any “worst bits” but she did tonight – her scrap with T – fortunately he’d already left the table, otherwise he’d have been quite cross!

And D’s fragility has continued into the evening.  A relaxed girlie day whilst the menfolk head off for their football fun is definitely needed.  Hopefully it will be calmer for D than today.  That’s the plan anyway.


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