Tears – Mon 20th April 2015

By | April 20, 2015

Today started with tears for D.  She woke up crying because she “was going back to school as the holidays were over”.

Lots of cuddles, lots of reassurance that I was sure she’d have a good day followed.  

She was also anxious that her classmates would all be a bit grumpy at coming back to school too.  Well, all that could be suggested was that once everyone saw each other’s friends, that they’d all be pleased to see each other and be back.

She enjoys school once she’s there, it’s the “getting to and going from” that makes her anxious, when she starts to over-think potential situations and get very, very angst-ridden.

She was also worried about me.  I was heading back for some more dental “stuff”, “stuff” that will make me even more smiley, eventually.  Once the pain and soreness have all gone.

D was worried that I’d be collecting her with a bandage tied from under my chin to the top of the head and, as we were going into school, we saw one of her TAs and the first thing she said was “Mumma’s going to have a sore jaw later and she’s off to the dentist”.

She was relieved that she was collected with no bandages in sight but, as for the sore jaw…. umm, yes! D told me that I looked “normal”, whatever normal is.

Unfortunately later on, the tears were mine, well out of sight and sound of the children as it was/is painful.  I can’t let them (particularly D) see me upset as, as there’s not much in the way of empathy shown, it’s even more upsetting and any mention of injections, needles or pain reminds D of when she has her monthly (painful) injections or blood tests.  She then gets upset at that memory and it’s not a particularly way to be.

So, with the menfolk at football for an early evening game, we’ve luxuriated in a mega bubble bath and hopefully tomorrow will bring fewer tears, for us both.

T went back to school today too.  I was slightly concerned as his favourite saying in recent days can been a “CBA” response to anything and (practically) everything requested.  CBA standing for “can’t be a*sed”, followed by a decisive “nod”.  Luckily he saved his “nods” for me once he got home and he wasn’t really at home long enough for any “CBA” responses.  Every cloud, eh?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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